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Let's automate your sales in just 3 days!

Join me inside this free challenge for photographers who want to do more with less time inside their businesses.

Day One

Automate Your Inquiry Process

Day two

Automate Your Booking Process

Day Three

Automate Your Print Sales Process

Create a lead capture form that segments your leads and sends them a customized response without lifting a finger.

Create a proposal that allows your lead to choose their services, sign a contract, and pay the deposit in less than 5 minutes.

Create a client experience that educates your clients on your products and brings in sales without any additional work.

  • You are currently customizing all communications and offers you send.

  • You want to work with more clients, but currently don't have the time.

  • You want to spend less time doing the administrative portion of your business.

  • You want to sell more prints and products in your business, but need some guidance to start.

This challenge is for you if...