About a year ago, I announced I was finally adding HoneyBook Setup to my list of services I provide as a strategist. 

Learning to Trust the Tech & Automations

Honeybook Setup Case Study

In recent months, I’ve done a LOT of HoneyBook systems setups! Now that I have a few of these under my belt—

I want to give you a BTS peek at what that setup process and client experience is like.

As well as share some commonalities I’ve noticed from my systems setup clients.

Business was going well, but she had the desire to scale to the next level and she knew she simply couldn’t do that without automating some things.

Meet: Brittany Herzberg

She’s an SEO & Case Study Copywriter and Podcaster!

“A big thing for me in 2024 is to remove the chatter that is happening in my head all day long. And as a business owner, one of those ‘extra’ things was all of these freaking To Do’s!”

You may remember Brittany. She’s been on The Business-First Creatives Podcast a couple times—including the interview that informed the very case study you’re reading!

And even though she had been a HoneyBook member for 5+ years, guess how many automations she had going before I got in there. ZERO! None! Nada! Zip! Zilch!

She’s got 2 main DFY offers: Case Study Copywriting and SEO Packet. Plus she interviews guests on her podcast, The Basic B.

If anyone needs automations—
it’s Brittany! 

Count ‘em, that’s 3 workflows! 

To put it mildly, Brittany had trust issues with tech.

“I had some automations setup, but… the automations weren’t actually doing any automating. A LOT of the workflows included manual steps because I had HUGE trust issues with tech.”

Before I onboarded Brittany, we had a conversation on her podcast about HoneyBook vs Dubsado. Check it out!

“I think, especially for someone like me where there's a little tech phobia, it's hugely important that I like what I'm using!”

I always say the best CRM for your business is the one you’re actually going to use.

I was so glad to hear Brittany say she likes using HoneyBook. And I agree with her:

So whether you’re looking for a HoneyBook setup like Brittany or Dubsado setup support—I gotchu!

I'm a Disney-loving family photographer and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time, and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, I believe every creative deserves to turn their craft into a business that brings them joy and profit. No one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

If you happen to be new to my world…

Hi, I’m Colie James!

The truth → automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

Let’s get back to how I helped Brittany do this with her HoneyBook setup 

Your Business Systems & Client Experience Strategist

Now, before you let that scare you, here’s what Brittany has to say about it:

“What I loved from our original call, was that Colie took the time needed to ask me questions. I could tell she really wanted to understand me, my life, and what would work best for my clients. 

“I always appreciate the chance to revisit and refine my processes—even if it's a little bit challenging.”

One thing people constantly worry about is having everything mapped out before they work with me. Not necessary.

Even if you come to me with no ideas on how to improve your current processes (or what they even are)—that's what we spend this call discussing.

My HoneyBook systems setups always start with a lengthy Strategy call.

I want to understand what your current client experience looks like and what you want to have by the end of our time together.

Because if I create this massively automated system that doesn't actually fit your business—you end up not using it. That turns into a waste of my time and your money. 

So we have to make sure that whatever I end up delivering to you is aligned with your business and also how your brain works.

“One thing I really love about working with Colie is that she has this plethora of knowledge of all of these platforms and systems and softwares! Even on our first call she was making suggestions about how to simplify automations and workflow steps. I don’t know what all my options are—but she does!”

I need a Honeybook Strategist

That’s a HUGE benefit of working with a strategist like me!

And whether or not you think you have systems in your business, let me assure you—everyone has systems. It’s simply a matter of if they’re the right ones, the most effective ones, and the ones that can get you where you want to go…

“A big thing for me in 2024 is to remove the chatter that is happening in my head all day long. And as a business owner, one of those ‘extra’ things was all of these freaking To Do’s!”

Brittany wanted to scale her business and grow her podcast, but she couldn’t do that without some kind of support.

“If I want to grow and scale, which I do, then I need to have some help. And that could look like a robot, that could look like a VA, or a combination. For right now, it's going to look like the robot sending the next email in the automation.”

Remember I mentioned Brittany didn’t have any automations in her HoneyBook?

When I work with creative business owners, the “automations” are often really just a loooooong list of tasks that need to be done.

When I see lots of “To Do” tasks, it’s a red flag for me 🚩

“A big thing for me in 2024 is to remove the chatter that is happening in my head all day long. And as a business owner, one of those ‘extra’ things was all of these freaking To Do’s!”

But I also want to let you know (just like I told Brittany), you’re NOT the only one! (And this is totally fixable.)

At least 50% of her “To Do” tasks were to send an email or a form or to do something that a robot could have done in 5 seconds. There was absolutely no reason she had to go in there and push a button!

Brittany needing to go push that button was delaying her clients from getting the thing they needed. And that causes booking friction.

Booking Friction: noun

the avoidable blocks your clients’ experience during the booking process

As a strategist, the moment you tell me what you want to do for your clients, I’m already looking to eliminate anything that doesn't have to happen—particularly in the booking process.

My goal is to eliminate any and all booking friction.

Once you present your lead with the offer, everything they need to make that decision should be presented to them.

“I always default to the most complicated version of a path—for myself and my clients. It's just what I do. I didn’t want my clients to have to chase me around the internet anymore.”


Anything and everything that can be automatically sent, we are now doing—and I am so proud of her!

I’m also thrilled she realized templates can still feel personalized. 

She’s able to save herself time and effort, while her clients move seamlessly through the automation and feel taken care of.

“Sending a templatized email does not mean my clients are not going to get the fact that I care. My personality, and care, and them being seen and heard comes through no matter what!”

Let’s get into those juicy results…

Streamlined all of her workflows

Made the growth of her business an inevitability

Been able to hit her goal of booking 4 DFY clients each month

Stopped blocking time to send heavily personalized emails to everyone

Booked more podcast guests because they were excited about the new workflow experience

Not only that, in the short time since I set up her new HoneyBook automations, she’s:

“On a daily and weekly basis, it’s saving me a ton of time! And even if I don't know that exact number, I still just feel freer. I'm able to lock into a project and stay locked in.”

Brittany has saved herself tons of time each week by updating her HoneyBook systems!

She’s saving herself at least 5 hours each week! What that actually looks like for her is…

“There's this sense of ease and a sense that I can trust these automations to go do what they need to do. And I no longer have to sit there and micromanage!”

She’s making her life easier—and doing the same for her clients.

“I'm just so glad I’m able to use these automations to simplify things for my clients!”

Maybe the biggest win of them all, she’s freed up her brain to go and do what it does best!

“I don't have all of these swirling To Do tasks taking up space in my brain!”

I don’t want people to feel like they have to micromanage every single portion of the client experience. 

Because there is so much in the client experience that can be streamlined and automated so every single one of your clients is getting a consistent experience!

While I’m extremely proud of my clients and so happy for them…

When all is said and done with any system setup—I don’t ghost you.

Shocking, right?

“It does NOT feel like Colie is creating this system for me and then she's saying, ‘Peace out. Good luck!’ It very much feels like she’s around!”

Every business owner should sit down and revisit their workflows at least every 6 months! 

I’m a systems strategist who firmly believes that systems are living, breathing things.

It’s not just about streamlining HoneyBook—it’s about reviewing your current client experience to make sure it’s efficient and still feels good.

Shit changes! Your offers, pricing, and even ideal client changes!

This review gives you a chance to plug any holes in the process and integrate new HoneyBook features that have been introduced.