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I started my photography business in 2012, offering in-home family + newborn photography sessions.  

A BIG part of building your dream business is having systems that work for you, so I spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of CRMs to make my backend more streamlined. 

It was like having my very own virtual assistant at $40/month instead of $40/hour.  

But just because I am obsessed and spend my days thinking about automations, doesn't mean you have to. 

When I am not photographing my amazing clients or building out a Dubsado account on a VIP Day, you can usually find me at the pool or Disneyland 🤩


I'm Colie! A taco-craving, tech-obsessed, former professor who built a storytelling business making films and photos for everyday families.

Meet your CRM-guru

Meet your CRM-guru

Seven years ago I pulled the trigger on my first CRM and it was a game-changer.  Two years later I discovered and went all-in with Dubsado. Now I help other creatives implement Dubsado in their own businesses.

Start using Dubsado TODAY!