Everything you need to get Dubsado streamlined, automated, and working for you in just 10 days

finally cross dubsado off your to-do list

omg, I'm so in!

You tried to create systems on your own and it isn't going well

Let me guess...

Shakes head yes

You've watched all the tutorials, but you aren't sure what you want the end result to be.

There are so many features, you aren't sure which ones you need in your business.

You considered a done-for-you option, but either you couldn't afford it and/or wanted to learn HOW so you could make changes yourself.

Your follow-up game needs work, because you are losing money by not checking back in with leads that don't immediately book.

Missing out on making more money


Like that time you almost missed a session because it wasn't on your calendar (let's not do that again)

living in fear of a one-star review


Things are falling through the cracks because you are still doing everything manually, refusing to embrace automation

constantly scrambling


Yup, that's me!

But sometimes your business feels like dumpster fire behind the scenes

When you started this business, this was okay. It wasn't really impacting you the way it is now that you are growing your business and booking more sessions.

You started your business to create beautiful photos for the families that hire you...

You are only one person trying to do it all and you need help. You're not in a place to hire an assistant, but you may not realize how much automation software can do for you.

I started my photography business in 2012, offering in-home family + newborn photography sessions.  

A BIG part of building your dream business is having systems that work for you, so I spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of CRMs to make my backend more streamlined. 

It was like having my very own virtual assistant at $40/month instead of $40/hour.  

But just because I am obsessed and spend my days thinking about automations, doesn't mean you have to. 

When I am not photographing my amazing clients or building out a Dubsado account on a VIP Day, you can usually find me at the pool or Disneyland 🤩


Hey, I'm Colie. I believe everyone deserves to run the business of their dreams and I think Dubsado is the answer. 

Meet your Dubsado-guru

Seven years ago I pulled the trigger on my first CRM and it was a game-changer.  Two years later I discovered and went all-in with Dubsado. Now I help other creatives implement Dubsado in their own businesses.

Turning my computer off each day at 3pm when I pick my kid up from school, no more responding to clients into the wee hours of the morning

Surprising her with a trip to Disneyland, without worrying about my business while I ride Dumbo.

Answering leads with a few clicks and the help of my canned emails/pre-written proposals saves so much time and stress.

Booking a new client in less than 5 minutes after our phone consultation. Best dopamine hit is the sound of my phone alerting me to a Square payment.

I am a confessed recovering workaholic. With Dubsado I said goodbye to the stress and hello to ...

Sounds impossible? It's not. Here's why...

Create template forms, emails, and workflows so that you never have to start from scratch again

Send a single proposal to get clients booked, scheduled, invoiced + paid in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee

Manage all your communication, payment schedules, questionnaires, and more per client in one central location.

Set up your Dubsado account to look exactly like the rest of your brand

What if I told you that with Dubsado you could...

I need that!

The CRM Blueprint for Dubsado

Say hello to...

CRM Blueprint is my easy-to-implement program to help you get your shit together and run your business like a boss using Dubsado!

Join the blueprint

You will never again show up to a session to realize you forgot to send a final invoice or email communication.







With CRM Blueprint for
Photographers, you can:

It's also the only course on the market that covers Dubsado setup specifically for photographers like you.

With CRM Blueprint there is no guesswork because every single template and workflow was created specifically for photographers like you.

CRM Blueprint isn't like other Dubsado courses

Every aspect of this course was written for family photographers and can be applied to your own family photography business.

Every aspect of this course was written for family photographers. Each template, canned email, and workflow can be applied to your own family photography business.

It has a no fluff approach with action packed advice in bite-sized modules that help you get your Dubsado setup in a matter of days, not months.

A self-paced experience which puts you in control of how quickly you implement your setup.

Exclusive access to your teacher (that's me!) via weekly group Q&A + implementation Zoom calls:

Access to updates and additional lessons added in the future. 

Hello one-click templates 😍

kind words

Let me start by saying I loathe online classes. Or rather, I'm a terrible online learner. I have bought numerous PDFs over the years and taken a handful of online courses, none of which I ever made my way through to the end. NOT THIS COURSE. 

I worked through Colie's CRM Blueprint in three days. Granted, they were three long and focused days, but nonetheless I checked off every last thing and was welcoming new clients into my new Dubsado by day four. Colie's CRM Blueprint is structured intuitively; every step is laid out in a way that makes you feel like she's right there with you holding your hand. I already knew Colie was a great teacher, but this course blew me away - it was worth every penny, and then some!

posy quarterman, photographer + Educator

Step-by-step trainings and templates elevate your business.


one payment of

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Automate and streamline your business in Dubsado with The CRM Blueprint 

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In less than 10 days you can

This is how we will transform your business using Dubsado

Take a look inside the CRM Blueprint

Let's add your branding elements, connect your email, and connect your payment processors so you can begin using Dubsado as a central hub for your business on Day 1.


Extra Resources

module four

module three

module two

module one

Extra Resources

module four

module three

module two

module one

Create a lead capture form to bring inquiries into your system and create project statuses that allow you to see where each client is at a glance.


Extra Resources

module four

module three

module two

module one

Write canned emails + create packages, contracts, and questionnaires to get organized and save time.


Extra Resources

module four

module three

module two

module one

This is the magic of Dubsado (proposals + workflows). Create a system that turns your inquiries into booked clients quickly and efficiently.


Extra Resources

module four

module three

module two

module one

These are features that are not essential but might be helpful to some. Integration with Quickbooks, Mini-Sessions, Client Portals, Custom-Mapped Fields, Recurring Invoices, Newborns, Baby Plans, and so much more!

Extra Resources

Are you excited to finally have a backend system built on tech and strategy you can trust?

Immediate Access to the Complete CRM Blueprint for Family Photographers

You need a step-by-step plan to ensure you're making the most of Dubsado. In my course, I highlight the features in Dubsado most useful to family photographers and share simple, actionable videos so that you can start using your account as quickly as possible. 

Live Weekly Q&A + Implementation Sessions

This is the real value of joining CRM Blueprint, live weekly Q&As to get all your questions answered. Troubleshooting any tech issues which may have prevented you from getting Dubsado fully set up and implemented in the past.

Done-for-You Dubsado Templates & Swipe Files

My personal favorite feature: an entire set of templates to cover you from inquiry to delivery. Emails, questionnaires, proposals, and workflows are all included for you to customize to your brand.

Here's what you get when you join:

That sounds great!

Access to discounted 1:1 coaching rates

Maybe you think your business needs a bit more customization than a course can offer? If you find you want 1:1 time with me to ask questions about Dubsado, customize or craft your business strategy, or really ANYTHING... you have access to book my 1-hour strategy calls with a $100 discount at any time.

kind words

Allison Patel, photographer

The thoroughness of the information, the flow and process to set it all up, and the way you are always (I mean ALWAYS) available to answer questions make this head and shoulders above any other online course I've ever bought. If you want to get your CRM up and running quickly, without having to recreate the wheel and figure it all out on your own, this is perfect. 

The thoroughness of the information, the flow and process to set it all up, and the way you are always (I mean ALWAYS) available to answer questions make this head and shoulders above any other online course I've ever bought. It was practical, useful, and sooooooo helpful.  If you want to get your CRM up and running quickly, without having to recreate the wheel and figure it all out on your own, this is perfect. If you need accountability to finish in a timely manner, this is perfect. If you want help and support from classmates and a guide, Colie's Blueprint is perfect! "

"I never could have set up Dubsado without you, Colie! 

Your life before
CRM Blueprint:

Your life after
CRM Blueprint:

You're frequently feeling overwhelmed staying on top of your projects. 

You're spending too much time re-creating offers and communications from scratch. 

You're feeling like you don’t have enough time for family or self-care.

You know exactly where every inquiry and client is in your workflows.

You’ve able to respond and send templated + custom offers to clients within minutes.

You experience the freedom that comes with a more automated and streamlined business. 

Because I've seen photographers jump into Dubsado without a plan and six months later their account sits unused. When I think about anyone wasting money on something that could be saving you so much time and stress... it seriously breaks my heart.

Step-by-step trainings and templates elevate your business.


one payment of

Enroll Now!

Automate and streamline your business in Dubsado with The CRM Blueprint 

Let's Get Started

In less than 10 days you can

Are you ready?

You're happy with your client data being scattered among different platforms.

You're not willing to spend the time to complete the program.

You're resistant to automation and want to continue creating everything from scratch for each and every client.

You do not currently have a Dubsado account (trial or paid will work for this course) and are not willing to create one.

CRM Blueprint isn't a good fit for you if:

CRM Blueprint is perfect for you even if:

You're still in the beginning of building your business.

If you enroll in CRM Blueprint you will have a distinct advantage over other photographers when they started by having systems in place

You don't have a large client base.

One of the biggest myths I see is photographers don't think they need a CRM until they have a big client base. I would argue it's more important to set up your system now, so you have time to work on scaling your business.

You're not tech savvy.

This is literally what I am here for. Not only does CRM Blueprint have short videos to walk you through each step in an easy-to-follow manner, you have weekly access to me in group Q&A / implementation sessions.

You're a rockstar at this business thang.

This program is not just for the newbies. If you feel like there is room to grow and improve your current systems, let's do this!

You've never used a CRM before.

The CRM Blueprint shows you how to get started in Dubsado from the 1st step of creating an account. As long as you are ready to use a CRM this is the program for you.

kind words

Lena Porter, photographer

Before purchasing Dubsado I was having pretty extensive discussions via messenger with clients. Now that I have an established workflow in Dubsado I feel like my client communication is SO much more consistent and efficient. It also gets my sessions booked, complete with a signed contract and retainer fee paid in record time."

You can also duplicate it, customize it, change it, whatever. So it's so easy, cuz customizing is a big thing that kind of will slow me down. But since I could get through all that, then it's really easy to just go back in now that it's all done and set it up exactly how I want it."

"I loved all the step by steps and the videos. I loved how you could like click the button and it would import like the forms for you. So I didn't have to waste any time [creating them]. 

I am confident even long-time users will benefit from the specific family photography strategy and templates provided in the blueprint. If you are unhappy with any part of your current setup/workflows, we will find the holes and plug them!



Absolutely. The Blueprint begins with Dubsado account setup in Module 1, so if are creating your account from scratch I've got you!



You will have immediate access to the FB group and course materials upon purchase.



I bet you're wondering...

your questions answered

There is no such thing as falling behind in the CRM Blueprint. You have lifetime access to the course materials as well as any future updates. But honesty, when you see the power of running your business with the power of Dubsado, you find time. This is a course you will commit to finishing!



While you could likely take the strategies + done-for-you templates and apply them in any CRM, this is an implementation program. All the step-by-step videos show you how to setup your Dubsado account from scratch, or audit your current Dubsado setup to make it more efficient.  



You must have a Dubsado account or be willing to create one. For the purpose of this course, you can have a paid account or start a trial. Dubsado's forever trial will allow you to complete access for free for your 1st 3 clients. 



I have two different plans setup to get you completely through the course in 10 or 30 days. You can always start with your canned emails and inquiry process NOW to get immediate results and implement advanced features next quarter.

How much time will it take to finish the course?


This might sound strange, but my goal isn't for you to finish this course and implement every single feature in Dubsado just because I say so. I really want you to use the templates and processes I teach to reclaim time from your business. How much and how fast you implement is totally up to you!

Do I need to complete Every lesson in this course to get value from the materials?


The entire process is HIGHLY customizable. Each form allows for you to add your own images and copy to make it feel like a part of YOUR business. You will decide what emails/forms to send, the timelines, and what you feel comfortable automating. I am here to guide and advise!

How customizable are the templates and workflows in the course?


kind words

Sabrina GEbhardt, Photographer + educator

Colie knows Dubsado like no other family photographer. She shares her knowledge in a clear, concise and very understandable way. Through her teaching I have added so much organization and simplified my processes immensely. If you need a CRM in your business (and you do), take Colie’s course so that your future self will thank you."

"Colie is THE reason that I chose Dubsado for my own photography business and I am so happy I did.

I do more than just give you my own system. I break down what have created over the last *almost* decade so that you know where to start. But after you have implemented the base system in your Dubsado, you can totally customize the system to work for your business.  This will not feel like you copied someone else's systems in your account, because they will be YOUR systems. And you don't have to do this alone, I am here to help!

So are you ready to eliminate hours of administrative tasks per client? Let me help you create a business that you love and allows you to have that work-life balance everyone raves about. 

If you just need someone to tell you what to do... then I am here for you!

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Let's Get Started