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From how to provide a referral-worthy client experience to automation and revenue streams you'll find everything you need to become a more successful creative entrepreneur. Plus, you'll also uncover how to bring it all together in a way that brings you joy.

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You’ve probably been told that you can’t gain anything more than visibility by offering your services for free. If you do it right, you can actually gain long-term, recurring clients and revenue! In today’s episode, Rebecca Hunnicutt shares how she donated her photography services to silent auctions, which helped her gain new photography clients! Plus, […]

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Many photographers dream of a part-time business that allows them to earn extra money while still focusing on family and/or a full-time career. In this episode, we explore the unique challenges of being a part-time creative entrepreneur while carefully orchestrating resources and support systems necessary to thrive both personally and professionally. Lydia shares invaluable insights […]

It’s not too often that I bring someone on the podcast who does exactly what I do (let’s be honest, I never have), but Ashley Tindall of Solution Integrators joins me in today’s episode to discuss the value of systems from the perspectives of systems strategists. There is so much value in creating a cohesive […]

The online course industry got a huge boost in 2020, when pandemic restrictions pushed people to online learning + Zoom meetings. Now that the dust has settled, slapping together a bunch of Loom videos and a sales page doesn’t yield the same high course sales it did before! So if expanding your offer suite to […]

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