Reclaim your time and run your business like a BOSS in a matter of days, not months.

Stress-Free dubsado workflow Strategy & Setup for creatives

I need this!

You mutter at your computer, while trying to juggle leads, get proposals signed, and tend to clients.

“Why do I feel sooo all over the place in my business?!”

Clients who you LOVE by the way…

It’s just that you didn’t become a business owner to be stuck on the computer all day, chasing down leads and sending a gazillion emails instead of working with your clients in your zone of genius …


Let't Talk about it!

chasing down your clients to get paid!!!


creating custom proposals for every single lead


Sending emails back and forth to confirm a session date and get the client actually booked


Setting up your CRM(ish), but knowing it's not working in your favor


let me guess, you've spent way too much time...

I started my photography business in 2012, offering in-home family + newborn photography sessions.  

A BIG part of building your dream business is having systems that work for you, so I spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of CRMs to make my backend more streamlined. 

It was like having my very own virtual assistant at $35/month instead of $35/hour.  

But just because I am obsessed and spend my days thinking about automations, doesn't mean you have to. 

When I am not photographing my amazing clients or building out a Dubsado account on a VIP Day, you can usually find me at the pool or Disneyland 🤩


Hey, I'm Colie. I believe everyone deserves to run the business of their dreams and I think Dubsado is the answer. 

Meet your Dubsado-guru

Seven years ago I pulled the trigger on my first CRM and it was a game-changer.  Two years later I discovered and went all-in with Dubsado. Now I help other creatives implement Dubsado in their own businesses.

Turning my computer off each day at 3pm when I pick my kid up from school, no more responding to clients into the wee hours of the morning

Surprising her with a trip to Disneyland, without worrying about my business while I ride Dumbo.

Answering leads with a few clicks and the help of my canned emails/pre-written proposals saves so much time and stress.

Booking a new client in less than 5 minutes after our phone consultation. Best dopamine hit is the sound of my phone alerting me to a Square payment.

I am a confessed recovering workaholic. With Dubsado I said goodbye to the stress and hello to ...

Keeps all your client data in one central place. Because no one has time to go digging through Gmail for emails or login to Paypal to see if you got paid!

Gets you paid quickly. Proposals are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L. Allow clients to choose their offer, sign a contract, and pay your retainer in one seamless process.

Helps you show up as a professional and get paid like one.  Make the transition from website to CRM as seamless as possible for an amazing client experience. They will bring in the referrals just by bragging about how easy it was to work with you.

Automates your business. Use templated emails, forms, and workflows to create a consistent client experience for them and yourself. You are in total control over this process.

So how can Dubsado simplify your life?

I so need this!

You thought you would try and save some money by YouTubing your own Dubsado setup?

but you spent all that time running around in circles trying to piece it all together without a plan

Let me guess...

You've lost leads (and money) because the system that was suppose to save you time sits unfinished.

You still send everything manually because you don't trust the workflows you pieced together

For every feature you figured out, two more got added to the list

I've spent years learning all things Dubsado  so you don't have to!

But here's the thing, you've got me. 

hang out with your family

Book a spa day

take a vacation

Binge netflix in your PJs

Once you automate your business in Dubsado this will free up time to...

You could also totally spend that extra time growing your business!

Lara Agnew, Photographer

Colie, you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Hiring you was one of THE best decisions I made. Having you to answer questions or help my brain reorient to a new way of doing things was invaluable. It can be hard to re-train the brain on a new system. With your help, I was able to get over some barriers quicker than if I had done this on my own."

"Not only did you help move along a project I've been kicking down the road for the last three years but working with you ensured that I did my part of the process in a timely fashion.

Alison Amick, photographer

I was still in 17hats for my sister company because I just didn't have the time to bring my sister company over to Dubsado as well. Insert fairy godmother Colie with her magic wand to set everything up while I had time to work on family photos and onboard more clients.


"I'll be the first to admit that I am a full-on hot mess express, probably the least organized person on the planet. I would NOT be able to run a successful photography business without Dubsado as my CRM. And the fact that it's pretty is just the cherry on top.

Kendra Greenberg, photographer

"What you offer is more that just Dubsado setup. It's like a business workflow refresh in general.

With your attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed.

Colie, you're the best!"

meg messina, Photographer

Colie did an extensive amount of setup work and was available after not only to show me how to navigate the new system but also to answer each question that came up as I began to use it. I’ve run my photography business for 12 years and working with Colie was one of the best experiences I’ve had."

"I know the year is only halfway over, but I can safely say that having Colie set up my Dubsado was the best business decision of the year.

Alice thigpen, Photographer

Colie’s “Done in a Day’ service was definitely worth the investment to get my system set up quickly and efficiently and allowed me to dedicate my time to other areas of my business that only I can do. Before she set up my system, Colie made sure she understood all the relevant aspects of my business so that she could customize my system. She went the extra mile to make sure my CRM was on brand. After the system was in place, Colie promptly answered all of my questions in ways that were easy to understand and implement."

"My bookings have increased significantly since using Dubsado, but more important, I no longer dread using a tool that is supposed to make my business run smoothly!

kind words

Are you finally ready to get off the DIY Merry-Go-Round and fully use the Dubsado account you pay for?  

While you relax and perhaps have a spa day, I will get to work implementing the system we mapped out for you during your Strategy session. By the end of the day I will have all of your updated assets and automated workflows ready for review inside your Dubsado account.


We will start the day on a 3-4 hour call together. We take a deep dive into your current systems before mapping out your brand new assets + Dubsado automated workflows. Scared of automation? Don't worry, the 'approve' button can be your new very best friend!

Strategy + Audit Day


How it works

Implementation Day

Booking your VIP Setup service begins with a free 15-minute consultation call.  This allows me to learn about your business and make sure my VIP Experience is the best fit for the services you require. While most clients will benefit most from the complete VIP Experience, please schedule a call to discuss my Dubsado in a Day offer for implementing one single service if that applies to your business.

chat with colie

Day 1

Day 2

Once you have completed the booking process, you will be given access to your client portal and your pre-setup forms. You should anticipate spending 2-5 hours completing these forms.



Before Your Strategy + Audit VIP Day

You've convinced me!

Once you get comfortable you may want to adjust your systems.  You will have access to a bank of short videos helping you make the most common adjustments to your workflows.

Video Library

For 30 days you get ME as your very own Dubsado Certified Specialist.  When you use the system on your first new clients, reach out with any questions!

30 Days of Loom + Email Support

You will feel confident using your updated Dubsado account after watching a walkthrough of your workflows and how to service your first lead.

Video Walkthrough

Got questions? We will spend an hour doing a LIVE walkthrough as you watch me work in your account and ask any and all questions you have.

1 Hour Offboarding Call

Here's how I support you while you explore your newly automated Dubsado account...

Basic Dubsado Settings. We will make sure your account is 100% ready to send emails, sync with your external calendar, and accept payments for services immediately.

Canned Email Templates. We will develop a set of email templates for your entire process. Whether you provide your current emails or we use my collection of templates, specifically written for photographers, you will covered!

Proposals.  We will create a proposal that sells your services and gets the easy YES from your leads. Did I mention it will be an automated 3-step process to select the offer, sign the contract, and get you paid in less than 5 minutes?

Workflows. We will start by mapping out your process for inquiries, booking, and preparing your clients for their session. You will be in complete control over what is done automatically and what will require approval.

Schedulers. Do you schedule a phone consultation for leads? Do you want to allow clients to self-schedule their session day/time? This is all possible with Dubsado's internal scheduler!

Questionnaires. We will create client questionnaires for any steps in your process where you collect client information. This is the key to preparing yourself and your clients for their photo experience.

The Dubsado MAGIC I will create for you...

Here's how you'll get a system you are finally confident in using !!!

Your Dubsado VIP Strategy Day will start with a 3-4 hour strategy call where we will audit all of your current systems/assets together and then being mapping out your dream workflows that will automate tasks and give your clients a consistently AWESOME experience.

I finish up Day 1 to create a complete list of the assets I will update/create during your Dubsado Implementation Day.


The morning of your VIP Implementation day I will begin with your basic Dubsado account settings before creating every single asset on your setup checklist saving you hours of time.

Your canned emails + forms will be created with the perfect balance of design and voice so you get the easy YES!


This is where the magic begins. Each workflow will be created with as much automation as you will allow. Don't worry, we can use an approve button if you want to see anything before I client gets it!

Once your workflows are completed & tested, you will never have to worry about the wrong email being sent again!


While I am a family photographer, this VIP day is for any type of creative that wants to streamline their business with Dubsado.  Don't worry, we will make sure this is a good fit on the initial Chat with Colie call before you book.

Is this only for family photographers?


The base for this VIP Experience includes up to 3 separate offers/customer journeys. My Dubsado VIP setup typically includes 1 lead capture forms, 2-3 packages, and 1  session questionnaire, proposal, scheduler, and onboarding + session workflows for your each offer. *If you have more than 3 services, your setup may require an additional VIP day.

Can you really setup my entire Dubsado account in two days?


Day 1 begins with a collaborative call. Block up to 4 hours on your calendar for this strategy kick-off call. Day 2 is completely behind-the-scenes for you, but I will send you links to forms as I create them for your review. The setup can be pretty hands off because of the detail and organization in my pre-setup homework for you.

What should I expect during the VIP Experience?


I bet you're wondering....

your VIP Day questions answered

Setup days are typically booked within the month, so full payment is due at booking. However, if you need a payment plan you can request to pay 50% to book and 50% 10 days prior to VIP Day.

Do you offer payment plans?


Not to worry, this is not required as my photography services copy is also DIY. I am happy to recommend a few copywriters if you would like to have your copy professionally written during your setup.

What if I don't have professional copy?


I schedule one Dubsado VIP Experience setup per week, with the Day 1 Strategy on Monday or Tuesday.  My typical availability is 6-8 weeks out. If you have an immediate need, let's chat as soon as possible.

How far out do you book Dubsado setups?


OMG I'm so in!

Are you ready?

You’ve been the CEO long enough to know that managing your leads + clients is the heartthrob of every sustainable business today... but not quite long enough to have it 100% on lockdown.

You are a creative who wants their systems running like yesterday without  any(more) “banging of the head” on that damn keyboard.

Dubsado VIP Experience Is For You If:

And whether you’ve been in a relationship with Dubsado for a few years and simply don't know what’s possible when it comes to streamlining your processes or you are brand-new to CRMs want to jump on the Dubsado-bandwagon for the first time - this done-in-a-day service will get you crystal-fucking-clear on how to free up your time, capture more leads, and uplevel your online brand.

Overall, you’re here because you’re interested in growing your business in a straightforward and sustainable way, and you know that hiring a professional to create some non-scary automations is what will get you there... fast.

So after trying to set up Dubsado yourself you figured out it isn't in your zone of genius.  That's O-K-A-Y!!! Let me use what I’ve learned in the trenches running my own photography business with Dubsado - so you can curb any business backend uncertainties and have a system that works for yourself like clockwork. 

It's time to focus on actually running your business without the burnout.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Just take my money!

Kick your feet up while I do all the heavy lifting!


Book your VIP Experience


Strategy VIP Day + Implementation VIP Day

Still unsure or looking for a single Dubsado VIP Day??
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