The rumor is true... I am now taking Honeybook setups


My signature system for photographers & creatives is now available inside Honeybook!

I need this!

I know you would rather spend more time with clients you love... but instead you waste hours chasing down leads and sending all the emails

Let's be honest, you know you didn’t become a business owner to be stuck on the computer all day instead of growing your business or spending more time with your own family! 


Let's Talk about it!

While you relax and perhaps have a spa day, I will get to work implementing the system we mapped out during your Strategy session. By the end of the week, your updated assets and automations for your main offer ready will be for review inside your Honeybook account.


We take a deep dive into your current systems before mapping out your brand new assets, Smart Files, and automated workflows. Not sure what to automate? NO worries, I've got LOTS of suggestions.

Client Experience Strategy Session


How it works

Your hands-off setup

Booking your Honeybook Setup service begins with a free 15-minute consultation call.  This allows me to learn about your business and make sure my setup service is the best fit for you. 

Honeybook setup services begin at $2500. 

SCHEDULE A chat with colie

Once you have completed the booking process, you will be given access to your client portal and your pre-setup forms. You should anticipate spending 2-5 hours completing these forms.



Before Your Setup

Basic Honeybook Settings. We will make sure your account is 100% ready to send emails, sync with your external calendar, and accept payments for services immediately.

Email Templates. We will develop a set of email templates for your entire process. Whether you provide your current emails or we use my collection of templates, specifically written for photographers, you will be covered!

SmartFile.  We will create a Booking Smart File that sells your services and gets the easy YES from your leads. Did I mention we can add a contract and invoice to a SMART FILE to make it an automated 3-step process to select the offer, sign the contract, and get you paid in less than 5 minutes?

Automations. We will start by mapping out your process for inquiries, booking, and preparing your clients for their session. You will be in complete control over what is done automatically and what will require approval.

Schedulers. Do you schedule a phone consultation for leads? Do you want to allow clients to self-schedule their session day/time? This is all possible with Honeybook's internal scheduler!

Questionnaires. We will create client questionnaires for any steps in your process where you collect client information. This is the key to preparing yourself and your clients for their photo experience.

The Systems MAGIC I will create for you inside honeybook...

You've convinced me!

For 30 days you get ME as your very own Systems Fairy Godmother.  When you use the system on your first new clients, reach out with any questions!

30 Days of Loom + Email Support

You will feel confident using your updated Honeybook account after watching a walkthrough of your workflows and how to service your first lead.

Video Walkthrough

Got questions? We will spend an hour doing a LIVE walkthrough as you watch me work in your account and ask any and all questions you have.

1 Hour Offboarding Call

Here's how I support you while you explore your newly automated Honeybook account...

One customer journey setup typically includes 1 lead capture form, one Smart File for booking that includes a brochure, contract, invoice w/applicable payment plan, and booking confirmation email. For your onboarding phase we will create additional questionnaires, email templates, and schedulers as needed.

What is included in the setup for a main offer?


Your main service offer will be setup in one week.  At the end of the week we will walk through your new setup to discuss any needed changes before your second offer is setup. You will be fully operational within 2 weeks of your start date.  If you have more than two services, additional customer journeys will be custom quoted for completion after your first 2 are complete.

How long will this Honeybook setup take?


The process starts with some pre-work so I can get to know more about you, your offers, and the clients you serve. The second step is a collaborative call to map our your client experience. Last, I will get to work on your systems creating assets and implementing everything we have planned.

What should I expect during the setup process?


I bet you're wondering....

your Honeybook setup questions answered

Setups are typically paid in full at booking for start dates less than 6 weeks away.  However, if you need a payment plan, you can request to pay 50% to book and 50% 10 days prior to your start date. 

Do you offer payment plans?


While I am a photographer, my setups are for any type of creative that wants to streamline their business with Honeybook. Don't worry, we will make sure this is a good fit on the initial Chat with Colie call before you book.

Is this only for photographers?


I schedule three systems setups per month, between Honeybook and Dubsado. My typical availability is 6-8 weeks out. If you have an immediate need, let's chat as soon as possible.

How far out do you book Honeybook setups?


OMG I'm so in!

So after trying to set up your own systems, you figured out it isn't in your zone of genius.  That's O-K-A-Y!!! Let me use what I’ve learned in the trenches running my own photography business - so you can curb any business backend uncertainties and have a system that works for yourself like clockwork. 

It's time to get the most of your Honeybook and I can help!

Here’s The Bottom Line…

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