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Podcaster, Photographer,
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Pic-Time Ambassador, and your new Business BFF that tells you like it is!

I'm Colie James

Colie James


Are you ready to finally work smarter not harder?

Just want to uplevel your client experience with my templates for Dubsado, Airtable, and Honeybook? Come steal and customize a template for your business! 

DIY Systems Shop


Easy to implement program for creatives to help you get your shit together and finally eliminate the administrative stress of booking clients, in less than 10 days in either Dubsado or Honeybook 😉

CRM Blueprint Course for Creatives


For the creative entrepreneur who wants to reclaim time in their business and create an amazing client experience using Dubsado or Honeybook, like yesterday.

Systems Setups for
(Honeybook, Pic-Time + Dubsado)


How I can help your creative business thrive?

This podcast takes a no-BS approach to put the business first, ensuring your creative business is profitable rather than an expensive side-hustle.

Listen to the Podcast


That Time Erin Ollila Interviewed ME on My Own Podcast


How Fair Play in the Home Can Benefit Your Business - Guest Lindsay Dreyer


3 Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid Inside Your Client Experience


Generating Monthly Recurring Revenue with a Membership - Guest Liz Wilcox


Here you'll find a no-BS approach to what it takes to put the business first, prioritizing the systems and strategies that will actually move the needle and ensure your creative business is profitable rather than an expensive side-hustle.

Here you'll find a no-BS approach to what it takes to put the business first, prioritizing the systems and strategies that will actually move the needle and ensure your creative business is profitable rather than an expensive side-hustle.

From how to provide a referral-worthy client experience to automation and revenue streams you'll find everything you need to become a more successful creative entrepreneur. Plus, you'll also uncover how to bring it all together in a way that brings you joy.

Tune in and join me (Colie!) as I chat to fellow creative entrepreneurs over a latte or cocktail. Business strategy or life lessons... we keep it real! 

the episodes

Business-First Creatives: The Podcast

These aren't your typical cookie-cutter, copy + paste systems

Let's create processes and automated workflows that work the way your brain needs them to to save time in your business.

If you are looking for systems that help you save time, and ultimately make more money, you are in the right place!

Lara Agnew, Photographer

Colie, you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Hiring you was one of THE best decisions I made. Having you to answer questions or help my brain reorient to a new way of doing things was invaluable. It can be hard to re-train the brain on a new system. With your help, I was able to get over some barriers quicker than if I had done this on my own."

"Not only did you help move along a project I've been kicking down the road for the last three years but working with you ensured that I did my part of the process in a timely fashion.

Alison Amick, photographer

I was still in 17hats for my sister company because I just didn't have the time to bring my sister company over to Dubsado as well. Insert fairy godmother Colie with her magic wand to set everything up while I had time to work on family photos and onboard more clients.

"I'll be the first to admit that I am a full-on hot mess express, probably the least organized person on the planet. I would NOT be able to run a successful photography business without Dubsado as my CRM. And the fact that it's pretty is just the cherry on top.

Kendra Greenberg, photographer

"What you offer is more that just Dubsado setup. It's like a business workflow refresh in general.

With your attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed.

Colie, you're the best!"

meg messina, Photographer

Colie did an extensive amount of setup work and was available after not only to show me how to navigate the new system but also to answer each question that came up as I began to use it. I’ve run my photography business for 12 years and working with Colie was one of the best experiences I’ve had."

"I know the year is only halfway over, but I can safely say that having Colie set up my Dubsado was the best business decision of the year.

Alice thigpen, Photographer

Before she set up my system, Colie made sure she understood all the relevant aspects of my business so that she could customize my system. She went the extra mile to make sure my CRM was on brand. After the system was in place, Colie promptly answered all of my questions in ways that were easy to understand and implement."

"My bookings have increased significantly since using Dubsado, but more important, I no longer dread using a tool that is supposed to make my business run smoothly!

Krystal Franke, Family Filmmaker + Photographer

Colie was INCREDIBLE to work with. She saved me so much time & headache while setting up the backend of my Dubsado account. She created personalized proposals, emails & workflows that have been life-changing for my business. Now You will LOVE working with Colie. She's worth every penny and MORE."

"I can spend more time doing what I'm passionate about and spending time with my family which is most important of all. 

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A blog full of sarcasm and systems tips

Business advice for photographers & creative entrepreneurs

Grab my list of 10 emails you should template right NOW to save time and stress with client experience communication! 

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