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Dubsado Setup Help for Photographers and Creatives

Service: Dubsado VIP Experience

About the Client

Kristyn Miller is a wedding and family photographer with a passion for helping families feel like their lives are valuable and worthy through documentary photojournalism. She’s also the founder of The Documented Heart, an education mentorship for family photographers.

She came to me because she was spending too much time sending proposals and contracts manually. And while she generally knew what she wanted Dubsado to do, she didn’t have the time and brainspace to actually sit down and do it.

“I hustled my way manually through so many pieces of client interactions. Too much time being inefficient in ways that were a detriment—both to the client service experience that I was trying to provide, and also to my own mental space, my own brain clarity, and my own ability to manage my time.”

Current Dubsado User: Less than 1 Year

The Challenge

Case study: Kristyn Miller

Service: Dubsado VIP Experience


What Colie Did...

During Kristyn’s VIP Day I created a hands-off, fully automated booking process, starting with a highly customized proposal that matched her beautiful investment guide.

We also took a strategic look at all of Kristyn’s processes so that she could save time by eliminating or streamlining tasks while maintaining a high-touch experience for her clients.

“Now I can see the Stripe payment come through and then I can go and check the workflow and know that they've received an email with, ‘Thank you so much for booking, I'm so excited to work with you’—but it's an evergreen video! It's not just a long annoying email, and that feels good on a million sides.

“That’s one thing that I am always very sensitive to, because I would consider my services to be at the high end of pricing around here. I never want someone to feel like they've paid an invoice or gotten an invoice and there isn't some love wrapped around in it.”

What Happened Next...

  • Kristyn is delivering a consistent experience for all clients, helping them feel loved and cared for from the very beginning.
  • Tech is no longer a bottleneck. These automations give her more time and mental space to focus on growing the education side of her business and enjoying her family.
  • Her studio manager is spending more time on marketing and customer service (her zone of genius!) instead of manually sending emails and trying to stay on top of workflows.

“I feel like I am closer than ever in my seven years of business to delivering the experience that I want to be delivering.”

Service: Dubsado VIP Day experience

Current Dubsado User: Less than 1 Year

what Kristyn said


“Colie has such a solid handle on what is possible from a 50,000 foot perspective—from initial inquiry all the way through to getting reviews and delivering products—and I really wanted to work with somebody who could look at the huge picture and not just be a task monkey about it. I was really looking for someone who could say, ‘Okay, I see that you're doing this and then you do this, but what if we accomplished 95% of it all in one step?’”

“She's no-BS and I appreciate that about her a lot, because in the rest of my life, there's a lot of BS. I just appreciate when someone is like, "Your options are A or B, what do you want?"

Book your fully customized set up for $5000

1:1 Strategy call where we dive into your business processes and client experience to completely customize and streamline systems for your entire customer journey, inquiry to delivery

Assets created that match your brand for your entire customer journey

A video walkthrough of your new systems as well as video tutorials walking you through any changes you might need for the future for your entire customer journey

30 days for support while you learn and use your brand-new assets + workflows.

Your Dubsado VIP Setup will include:

Done for You Dubsado Setups

Done for you

Prework questionnaires to plan your main offer inquiry and booking process (contact form, consultation scheduler, booking proposal, follow-up and booking confirmation emails)

Assets created that match your brand for your main offer inquiry + booking processes

A video walkthrough of your inquiry + booking assets/workflows

15 days for support while you learn and use your brand-new assets + workflows

Your Booked Out VIP Day will include:

Book your automated booking set up for $1500

There are two done-for-you options I offer for creatives like you!

Join the CRM Blueprint for $497

4 module course with 34 lessons including 4+ hours of video content 

Step-by-step tutorials to understand, implement, and customize my signature system

One-Click Templates + swipe-files to create + customize your customer journey inside Dubsado

Lifetime access to the course content and all future updates

Say bye-bye to the stress of creating your systems because the CRM Blueprint includes:

With CRM Blueprint there is no guesswork because every single template and workflow was created specifically for creatives like you.

Believe me when I say, There is a version of your business where you are NOT always stressed and glued to a computer.

I help you navigate creating streamlined and automated systems for your business to reclaim your time.

As a fellow creative, I'll be the Dubsado Fairy Godmother you need to setup your account stress-free!

DIY Dubsado Course

self-paced course

Dubsado Templates for Photographers and Creatives

Are you a DIYer and just want to steal and customize my forms, email, and workflow templates for your business?

Proposal form

One-Click Form to book your services in 3 easy steps

Workflow Templates

Step-by-Step instructions to automate your processes

email Templates

25+ emails for your entire customer journey for customization

Client Questionnaire

One-Click Form with 30+ questions for customization

Love Your Leads Toolkit

Supercharge your booking rates with my 3 strategies to automate and streamline your inquiry & booking processes

VIP Day Toolkit

Steal my templates and processes to book and manage your VIP Days inside Dubsado with ease

Baby Plan Toolkit

Turn newborn inquiries into lifelong client with a signature baby plan offer

How to get PAID with a Dubsado scheduler

Learn how to effectively use a Dubsado scheduler to get paid

Podcast Planner Toolkit

Automate and streamline booking guests for your podcast using Dubsado

Collect client feedback inside Dubsado

Want to know how to solicit the most powerful marketing assets for your business inside Dubsado?

Lara Agnew, Photographer

Colie, you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Hiring you was one of THE best decisions I made. Having you to answer questions or help my brain reorient to a new way of doing things was invaluable. It can be hard to re-train the brain on a new system. With your help, I was able to get over some barriers quicker than if I had done this on my own."

"Not only did you help move along a project I've been kicking down the road for the last three years but working with you ensured that I did my part of the process in a timely fashion.

Alison Amick, photographer

I was still in 17hats for my sister company because I just didn't have the time to bring my sister company over to Dubsado as well. Insert fairy godmother Colie with her magic wand to set everything up while I had time to work on family photos and onboard more clients.

"I'll be the first to admit that I am a full-on hot mess express, probably the least organized person on the planet. I would NOT be able to run a successful photography business without Dubsado as my CRM. And the fact that it's pretty is just the cherry on top.

Kendra Greenberg, photographer

"What you offer is more that just Dubsado setup. It's like a business workflow refresh in general.

With your attention to detail, thoughtful solutions to problems, and deep-dive approach, you thought of things I didn't know I needed.

Colie, you're the best!"

meg messina, Photographer

Colie did an extensive amount of setup work and was available after not only to show me how to navigate the new system but also to answer each question that came up as I began to use it. I’ve run my photography business for 12 years and working with Colie was one of the best experiences I’ve had."

"I know the year is only halfway over, but I can safely say that having Colie set up my Dubsado was the best business decision of the year.

Alice thigpen, Photographer

Before she set up my system, Colie made sure she understood all the relevant aspects of my business so that she could customize my system. She went the extra mile to make sure my CRM was on brand. After the system was in place, Colie promptly answered all of my questions in ways that were easy to understand and implement."

"My bookings have increased significantly since using Dubsado, but more important, I no longer dread using a tool that is supposed to make my business run smoothly!

Krystal Franke, Family Filmmaker + Photographer

Colie was INCREDIBLE to work with. She saved me so much time & headache while setting up the backend of my Dubsado account. She created personalized proposals, emails & workflows that have been life-changing for my business. Now You will LOVE working with Colie. She's worth every penny and MORE."

"I can spend more time doing what I'm passionate about and spending time with my family which is most important of all. 

kind words

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I'm a Disney-loving family photographer, and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, Colie believes every creative deserves to build a business that is sustainable and profitable, and no one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

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