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When it comes to selecting the right tech programs and softwares for your business, a major consideration is your team and the role they’ll play within each tool! In today’s episode, Brooke Scott joins me to dive into what to consider when selecting tech for your business, how to navigate potential changes in the future, […]

Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Team (Building a Team Series) with Brooke Scott


Have you tried setting up a system that worked seamlessly within your team? Finding the right tools can be hard when there are multiple hands involved. In today’s episode, I’ve brought on Liz Strong, an OBM and systems strategist to discuss what to consider when building systems within a team. Listen in as she shares […]

Creating a System for Your Team (Building a Team Series) with Liz Strong


In today’s episode, I chatted with the talented Kristyn Miller, a photographer and coach who believes in the power of deep, connected work. We first connected through the Family Narrative, got to actually HUG in person in Palm Springs at the Family Reunion, but I also worked with Kristyn last year to really created the […]

How Kristyn Miller Created a Heart-Centered Photography Business


Are you out of control when it comes to buying tools, courses, resources, and more in your business? In today’s episode, Makeda Newton joins us to discuss why impulse shopping is impacting your business, how you can incorporate minimalism into your everyday work, and restore your self control when it comes to spending money. LISTEN […]

Minimalism in Business (Self Care Series) with Makeda Newton


Have you heard of Fair Play? It’s essentially a system that helps you divide up household tasks fairly, based on your needs. In today’s episode, Fair Play Facilitator Lindsay Dreyer joins us to share how Fair Play in the home can benefit your business. Listen in as she dives into the concept behind Fair Play, […]

How Fair Play in the Home Can Benefit Your Business (Self Care Series) with Lindsay Dreyer


If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know how easy it is to burn out. In today’s episode, Courtney Porter joins us for our Self Care Series to share how entrepreneurs can recognize and avoid burnout. Listen in as we chat through boundaries, outsourcing, and setting expectations as an entrepreneur to […]

Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout as an Entrepreneur (Self Care Series) with Courtney Porter

I'm a Disney-loving family photographer, and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, Colie believes every creative deserves to build a business that is sustainable and profitable, and no one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

I believe every creative deserves to turn their craft into a business that brings them joy and profit.

Hi, I'm Colie. 

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