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Lessons in systems and business strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Colie James Blog

Lessons in systems and business strategy for creative entrepreneurs

Welcome to the Colie James Blog

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Your CRM can do MUCH more than send emails automatically, especially if you are a Dubsado user. While CRMs are perhaps best known for sending automatic emails, you can create reminders, forms, and emails for each step in your client’s customer journey. Doing the same thing over and over for each client? Automate it! Back […]

Eliminate Busy Work with Dubsado


Do you listen to the Tog Republic Podcast? A recent episode featured Sam Jacobson and was reframing the discovery call as the non-sales call. By emphasizing the D-I-S-C-O-V-E-R-Y in the initial call, it helps bring back the value you offer as the expert + determining if a working relationship is what’s best for both parties. […]

Dubsado Scheduler – The Inside Scoop for Family Photographers


I would say the #1 reason people hire ME for a Dubsado VIP Day are so I can create *fancy* CSS-coded proposals for their business. “That’s IN Dubsado?” “That’s not on your website?” “That’s included in the Dubsado VIP Day?” Yes, NO, Yes 🥳 Click the video above to hear Sally talk about her own […]

So you want fancy Dubsado proposals?


A Client Relationship Manager (CRM) is a must-have any photographer running a business. While a CRM has many features, if you only end up use it to streamline your booking process, it will be WELL worth the $$$. The monthly cost is less than a dinner out for a family of 4. See THIS comparison […]

Automate Your Onboarding Process | Proposals are your new best friend


Dubsado Tips for Family Photographers It’s no secret I love Dubsado as the CRM to help run my business. I often come across Dubsado users that still don’t know everything it can do so I wanted to write up my favorite 3 hidden gems. Maybe I will turn this into a regular Dubsado Tips category. […]

3 Hidden Gems in Dubsado


One of the biggest investments you can make as a photographer, besides your equipment and a kick-ass website, is a client relations manager.  There are tons of options and it is really important that you really look at the features each one offers to find the right one for you.  I personally use Dubsado (affiliate link), […]

4 signs you might need a CRM in your life

I'm a Disney-loving family photographer, and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, Colie believes every creative deserves to build a business that is sustainable and profitable, and no one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

I believe every creative deserves to turn their craft into a business that brings them joy and profit.

Hi, I'm Colie. 

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