Expanding Your Business through Virtual Summits with KP & Jessie of Inkpot Creative

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As you’re considering your next big project for your business, have you considered hosting a virtual summit? In today’s episode, KP and Jessie of Inkpot join us to share how they found success in their first virtual summit, along with some of the important lessons they learned! Listen in as they share their goals from […]

How to Set up Your HoneyBook in Less Than 3 Hours

Oh hi – did you find your way here because you’re drowning in client work and inquiries, and you realize you need some better systems and processes in your business ASAP? If so, you’re not alone. I fully believe that during “busy seasons” we realize that we need a CRM the most, but it’s the […]

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How to Book More Clients For Your Service-Based Business 

If you want to book more clients for your service-based business, you’re in the right place. As a systems and client experience strategist, I know that attracting clients to your service-based business is only part of the equation. And the problem? That’s often the part that MOST people focus on. But in my experience, the […]

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The weekend I spent updating my Dubsado Course


Do you know that I have a Dubsado course? I spent a glorious working weekend with Sabrina Gebhardt in Ft. Worth recently. We booked rooms at the Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth and drank lattes and margaritas to get ALL the things done. The first major activity I worked on was my course.  The CRM […]

Put that shit on your calendar

  Organizing my calendar and inbox has been on my to-do list for all of 2022. If I’m being completely honest, probably for all of 2021 as well. Each and every time I chat with Sabrina Gebhardt I KNOW I need to figure out my calendar and add some White Space, but it just never […]


Repurposing your content

I have started making long-form videos, mostly for my video podcast, as the main source of my content repurposing strategy.  From a single 33 min recording, here are the items I created from a recent podcast episode. 1 SEO optimized blog post 1 email newsletter 3 social media graphics 3 short-form videos NOTE: I only […]


I'm a Disney-loving family photographer, and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, Colie believes every creative deserves to build a business that is sustainable and profitable, and no one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

I believe every creative deserves to turn their craft into a business that brings them joy and profit.

Hi, I'm Colie. 

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