Avoid These 3 Common Client Experience Mistakes in Your CRM

Automation, Client Experience, Dubsado, Honeybook

Hello, hello, and welcome back! Today, I want to dive into some common client experience mistakes I’ve been spotting during my recent client experience audits (in case you’ve been making them too). In case you missed it – I introduced a new service during Black Friday where I hop into your CRM and audit your […]

Selling VIP Days (Your Secret to Working Less and Earning More This Summer)!

Summer is just around the corner, and who wouldn’t want to spend more time soaking up the sun (while still making a killer income)? If you’ve been wondering how to streamline your business and rake in those dollars with less effort, VIP days just might be your golden ticket. And today, I’m sharing exactly what […]

Automation, Business, Client Experience, Dubsado, Honeybook

Honeybook vs Dubsado: Why One Is Better For Photographers

When it comes to managing the business side of photography (or any visual art), a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can be a lifesaver. After experimenting with a few (okay – a lot), I’ve found that Honeybook and Dubsado stand out over and over again as my go-to tools. Both have their pros and […]

Dubsado, Honeybook, Photographers

4 Dubsado Templates for Photographers That Want More Time Back In Their Life

Business, Client Experience, Dubsado, Photographers

Today, we’re diving into the magic of Dubsado templates and forms that are going to streamline your photography business. If you’ve been stressed out and dropping more than a ball or two, don’t worry. You’re not alone (and this is a judgment-free zone). I’m going to share four Dubsado templates for photographers, plus, I’ll answer […]

How to Choose a CRM for Your Small Business

Hey there, fabulous friends! Today, we’re diving into one of my all-time favorite topics—CRMs! But hold onto your hats, because this isn’t just another episode where I chat about Dubsado or even Honeybook. Nope, we’re going way deeper into how to choose a CRM, what features you should look for, and how a CRM can […]

Client Experience, Dubsado, Honeybook, Solo Episode

Spring Clean Your Client Experience: How to Elevate Your Client Experience (And Raise Your Prices) in 2024

People love to throw around buzzwords, don’t they? So if you’re already skeptical thinking, OK Colie, what does “elevate your client experience” really mean, don’t worry. Today, I’m going through how I give my client experience and workflows a little spring cleaning every year, and sharing all of the strategies, tips, and resources to help […]

Client Experience, Dubsado, Honeybook

I'm a Disney-loving family photographer, and filmmaker turned Workflow and Automations Guru who helps creative service providers automate their sh*t, reclaim their time and get back to living!

With 10+ years in the creative space, Colie believes every creative deserves to build a business that is sustainable and profitable, and no one should quit their 9 to 5 only to work 24/7 [in their business].

The truth—automated systems can save us all from being overworked and overwhelmed.

I believe every creative deserves to turn their craft into a business that brings them joy and profit.

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